From how to get started to what you need and where to go.

Birds are all around us.

They鈥檙e huddling in the shrubs outside of our apartments, bopping around聽our backyards, and foraging at local parks and lakes. No matter where you live, birds are nearby, just waiting for you to notice them. And once you do, you might find it hard to stop. That鈥檚 because birding鈥攖he act of appreciating and observing birds鈥攏ot only provides a new perspective on the natural world, but it also delivers an immense sense of joy and satisfaction. So what are you waiting for?

Getting Started

Did you look out your window and see a bird today? Hear one while running errands? Congratulations! You鈥檙e a birder. It really is that easy. Of course, you might want to know the name of those species, or where you can find more birds. If you do, check out below for some birding basics.聽

Identifying Birds

Putting names to the birds you see can be a rewarding experience. A successful ID is the goal, but the journey is just as important. By trying to identify a species, you get to know the bird and its habitat better鈥攂y watching its movements, noting its field marks, considering its call. Whether you鈥檙e curious about a backyard visitor or stumped by a shorebird, we have a wealth of ID tips and skills for birders of all levels.聽

Birding Advice

A funny thing happens once you start birding: It becomes hard to stop. New target species, goal destinations, how to keep improving your skills鈥攊t can be both exhilarating and overwhelming at the same time. From tips on how to find elusive species to helpful tech and best practices for the field, our ever-growing collection of advice and stories will help you expand your experience.

Essential Reading

Foster your love for birds by feeding them at home, and be sure to check out our recommendations for binoculars and other gear.聽

Bird Feeding and Care
Gear and Resources

Most Recent Birding Stories聽

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