Natural Climate Solutions

Maintaining and restoring key ecosystems will help combat climate change and biodiversity loss.

Many of the places that serve as critical bird habitat also have the potential to absorb greenhouse gases and naturally store carbon. These forests, grasslands, working lands, coastal ecosystems, and other landscapes can also help protect drinking water sources, make food systems more resilient, and reduce climate risks like flooding, drought, and extreme heat. That is why 探花精选 is working to conserve and maintain more lands and water bodies across the Americas to combat the climate and biodiversity crises.

Investing in the integrity and resilience of farms, fields, wetlands, mangroves, and other key ecosystems will help achieve this goal. Landowner and community engagement play a vital role in management and stewardship.听

探花精选 is working with partners to bring nature-based solutions and bird-friendly practices to these landscapes to achieve conservation and sustainable-development impacts at a significant scale. This work includes the Conservation Ranching initiative, which offers incentives for good grassland stewardship through a certification label on beef products in the U.S., and the Americas Flyways Initiative, which is building strategic partnerships to mobilize private and public funding for natural climate solutions and bird-friendly infrastructure in Latin America and the Caribbean. Staff are also engaged in local and regional projects like the conservation of mangroves and salt marshes, some of the most carbon-rich ecosystems.听

Did you know?
  • 探花精选鈥檚 2021 report identified 538 million acres of priority forest, 76 million acres of priority grasslands, and 24.7 million acres of priority coastal wetland habitats in the U.S.听
  • In Colombia, the Sustainable Cattle Ranching Playbook developed by 探花精选 and partners is now used by cattle ranchers associations to promote bird conservation across landscapes.听
  • More than 100 ranches in the U.S. now carry the 探花精选 Certified bird-friendly seal, a package label that recognizes lands managed for birds and biodiversity.

What We're Doing

Advocating for science-based policies at the national, state, sub-national, and local levels.听
Staff work to promote the advancement of natural climate solutions through public policies that provide incentives for conservation.
Carrying out and supporting on-the-ground conservation action.
Our staff are working on projects that protect nature and restore natural ecosystems.
Working with partners to make working lands more bird friendly.
Through programs like Conservation Ranching, regenerative agriculture, and Bird-Friendly Maple, participants adopt sustainable approaches and manage their lands to improve bird habitat.听

Natural Climate Solutions Throughout the Hemisphere

探花精选鈥檚 2021 Natural Climate Solutions Report studied ecosystems across the U.S. that are critical to both carbon storage and to birds, both now and under future climate change, and found that these regions often overlapped.听听

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