Community Science at 探花精选

Together we can make a difference.

Community Science is central to 探花精选鈥檚 legacy and identity and the involvement of community scientists is fundamental to 探花精选鈥檚 work to improve the lives of birds. The cornerstone is the聽Christmas Bird Count (CBC), begun in 1900, making it the longest-running community science program about birds, on which 探花精选 partners with聽.聽Our climate work includes聽Climate Watch, a program to track the near-real-time response of 12 species to a changing climate. 探花精选 also collaborates with the聽听补苍诲听听辞苍听The Great Backyard Bird Count, a global program for all who love birds. As a founding partner with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology on聽, 探花精选 continues to be a leader in the community science field.

Bird data reported by community scientists have been used by researchers since the 1930s to report on the health of bird populations, and 探花精选鈥檚 scientists have used those data in creating innovative analytical methods that include our聽CBC population status and trends听补苍诲听learning how birds are responding to a changing climate. Current team members include Brooke Bateman (lead), Geoff LeBaron, Amanda Long, Sarah Saunders, and Tim Meehan.