探花精选 Birdhouses, Feeders, and Accessories

Our collection of birding essentials makes it possible to watch your favorite species, right from the comfort of your own home.

Create a haven for the birds you love!听 探花精选's collection of听bird feeders, houses, bird baths, and accessories听have been reviewed by our science team and听field-tested for quality assurance.听 Below are our top picks for attracting a variety of birds to your outdoor space听year-round; plus you can find our 200+ styles of bird feeders, birdhouses, bird baths and accessories in-stores and online from national retailers including Lowe's, True Value Hardware, Ace Hardware, and many more. Your purchases help听support听探花精选's mission and vital conservation work.

探花精选 is monitoring the spread of avian flu. We recommend monitoring birds in yards and at bird feeders at a safe distance and checking regularly whether your local, state, or federal wildlife agencies are recommending that wild bird feeders be taken down. If at least one of your local agencies indicates to take down feeders, we recommend removing them. Searching for resources on how to reduce spread of bird illnesses by keeping your feeders clean? Look no further:

Feeding the birds is easier than ever with our combination scoop-and-fill feeder. Simply scoop your seed, twist into place, and spend more time enjoying your feathered friends. Available at Lowe's nationwide and on .

This cedar nest box is听a great way to support bluebird habitat.听 To create an ideal environment, be sure to grow some of听their favorite native plants, too - flowering dogwood, serviceberries, elderberries, spicebush, hollies, and blueberies are all great choices.听 Made in the USA.

Access to fresh water is key for birds' survival. Our bird baths offer both beauty and function, with a colorful glass mosaic design that reflects light to help attract your feathered friends. The elegant multi-colored tiles will reflect the light and play off the water to attract a variety of birds. The portable design lets you place where birds will gather and lets you observe them up close. The 16-inch diameter bowl sits atop a sturdy steel 22.8 inch high decorative base, placing the basin at the perfect height for bathing birds.

Fill this 6听port听tube feeder with your favorite thistle seed and watch as听a variety of birds perch and feed.听 Holds 1 1/2 lbs thistle feed.

This feeder's looped perches make it easy for your favorite feathered friends to supplement their diets with the seed you put out for them.听 Measures 15" tall and holds about 2听pounds of mixed seed.

Fill this bright red feeder with a basic mixture of sugar and water and attract a charm of hummingbirds to your outdoor spaces.听 Measures 8.75" x 2" x 8" and is dishwasher safe.

探花精选's 8 Oz Glass Swirl Hummingbird Feeder will provide a hip vintage inspired optic to your outdoor space and also add a welcome feeding station for hummingbirds. Petite faceted swirl optic nectar reservoir creates a twinkling effect in the sunlight while the 4 decorative perches and 4 large flower nectar ports support multiple hungry hummingbirds.

The caging surrounding this tube feeder does a good job of repelling squirrels while providing four perches for your favorite resident birds.听 Rendered in sturdy forest green powdercoated steel and holds up to 1.25 pounds of mixed seed.

This feeder features听a lovely dragonfly motif crafted into a squirrel-resistant, powder coated pewter rendering.听听 Holds up to 4 pounds听of mixed seed, and is designd to keep squirrels out.

Add a splash of color to your outdoor space with this suet听feeder. It's easy to fill with our signature suet cake and comes with an attached hanger so it's easy to hang. Measures 3" x 9.2" x 9.2" inches.听

This combination feeder allows you to offer two kinds of seed in one feeder. Holding up to 3 pounds of a combination of Nyjer and mixed seed, this feeder features an easy-open top for filling and cleaning and comes fully assembled and ready to hang. Measures 8" x 12" x 8" inches.听

Traditional wooden wren house, built to birding specifications. Fully assembled and easy to hang with attached cable from small branches or hooks. The hole size is specific to wrens and prevents larger birds from entering, plus it features a heavy cable and screwed construction air ventilation gap at the top and drainage slots at bottom.

Your purchases help听support听the 探花精选's mission and vital conservation work.