Rivers, Lakes, and Wetlands

We protect water resources for birds and people.

Water for people and birds.

探花精选 works to ensure that we have clean and abundant water in rivers, lakes, streams, wetlands, and marshes in landscapes where this is paramount to birds鈥 survival. 探花精选 connects science, policy, and advocacy to provide measurable and scalable impact.

How We Work, Where We Work

探花精选 helps restore freshwater wetlands, riparian areas, and land around the saline lakes of the Intermountain West, and works with federal and local officials to secure funding to keep these vital areas protected and productive.

探花精选's Work on Water Issues

探花精选 Southwest Awarded Prestigious WaterSMART Grant to Restore the Lower Gila River
July 11, 2024 — In partnership with the Lower Gila River Collaborative, funds will advance restoration work along the Lower Gila River west of Phoenix to benefit birds and people.
The Monumental Effort to Understand Migrating Shorebirds
July 02, 2024 — Community science and 探花精选 bring unparalleled coordination to understand shorebirds and improve wetlands
Birders Flock to Great Salt Lake for Annual Birding Festival
June 20, 2024 — How birding festivals bring people together for birds and the habitats on which they depend
Explore the Habitats along the Lower Colorado River
June 13, 2024 — 探花精选 StoryMap guides viewers along the Lower Colorado River, highlighting its importance for birds and people.
Colorado River Flowing in Its Delta Again, But Restoration Hangs in the Balance
May 21, 2024 — Revived river depends on consensus in binational and domestic negotiations for river management after 2026.