Visit an 探花精选 Center

What is an 探花精选 Center and what can visitors expect?

探花精选 opened its first center, the Greenwich 探花精选 Center in Connecticut, in 1943. Today the 33 centers in 探花精选's network are places to learn about and enjoy birds and their habitats. They serve as聽local hubs of conservation opportunities, and afford聽visitors the ability to connect with the natural world. At 探花精选 centers, visitors can:

  • Take a school class or Scout groups for an educational program

  • Attend a seminar or workshop

  • Volunteer to participate in things like citizen science and habitat work

  • Connect with like-minded people who care about birds, nature, and conservation

Centers span a broad spectrum, from urban oases like the 探花精选 Center at Debs Park in Los Angeles, to spectacular wildlife viewing destinations like Florida鈥檚 Blair 探花精选 Center at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary.聽They聽are places where local residents, representatives of local businesses, community-oriented organizations, elected officials, and volunteers聽can come together with the common purpose of producing positive results for the entire community.聽Most have hiking trails, and many have nature stores, meeting spaces for rent, and knowledgeable staff and volunteers. Visit one soon!