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A colorful male Painted Bunting perched on a leafy vine.
See the Special Molting Locations of Three Migrating Bird Species
July 16, 2024 — Called molt-migrants, some birds take a detour on their annual trip south just to refresh their plumage.
A photo of Liz Clayton Fuller smiling.
How Liz Clayton Fuller Brings People to Birding With Illustrated 鈥楤irbs'
July 15, 2024 — We spoke with the artist who created the 2024 探花精选鈥檚 Let Go Birding Together design about how she uses her artwork to inspire people to get excited about birds, from her 鈥榶eehaw birbs鈥 to her detailed illustrations.
Ring-billed Gull in flight in a blue sky.
Why (and How) to Look for Molting Birds This Summer
July 15, 2024 — Bolster your birding skills by observing this vital yet underappreciated phenomenon.
A large painting of a Northern Goshawk on the side of a brick building.
Bring the 探花精选 Mural Project to Your Town
July 15, 2024 — For the past decade, the initiative has used public art to showcase birds threatened by climate change. Now, communities are putting their own local spin on the effort鈥攁nd yours could be next.
An Osprey perches on a bare branch against a blue sky background, looking to the left with its yellow eye.
Birders, Consider a Bridge Camera
July 15, 2024 — A field biologist explains how a superzoom camera can enhance your birding experience without weighing it down.
An owl sits on a tree branch in a dense, mossy forest.
Fire Is a Major Threat to California Spotted Owls鈥擟ould it Also Help Save Them?
July 15, 2024 — The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service could soon give the subspecies protection under the Endangered Species Act, and is calling for more beneficial fire to help the birds rebound.
探花精选 Southwest Awarded Prestigious WaterSMART Grant to Restore the Lower Gila River
July 11, 2024 — In partnership with the Lower Gila River Collaborative, funds will advance restoration work along the Lower Gila River west of Phoenix to benefit birds and people.
A Canada Goose stands on a beach stretching its wings out, exposing blue sheaths from which feathers will grow.
Who Wore It Worst? Behold the Awkward Glory of Molting
July 11, 2024 — Replacing feathers can leave birds looking rough鈥攂ut there's much to appreciate in their unsightly season.
The Supreme Court鈥檚 Overruling of Chevron Deference
July 10, 2024 — Explaining its impacts on birds, communities, and our planet.
People in a raft float by penguins atop a glacier.
探花精选 Selects HX (Hurtigruten Expeditions) as Exclusive Travel Partner
July 09, 2024 — Unveiling ten initial 探花精选 Voyages in the Gal谩pagos Islands, Antarctica, and Alaska.