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The 探花精选听Mural听Project is a public-art initiative of the 探花精选 and听听that draws attention to . 探花精选鈥檚 groundbreaking science report听"Survival By Degrees" found that听climate change will threaten 389 birds species鈥攁t least听half of all North American birds鈥攚ith extinction, and that no bird will escape the impacts of climate-change-related hazards like increased wildfire and sea-level rise. The project commissions artists to paint murals of these species on walls, doors, and other surfaces throughout New York City, and partners have carried it to communities across the country. A special thanks to听the many donors and supporters听who make this project possible!

Most of the bird murals are concentrated in the Harlem and Washington Heights neighborhoods of听northern Manhattan, where pioneering bird artist听John James 探花精选听once lived and is buried, and where streets, schools, and other local landmarks carry 探花精选's name. But John James 探花精选's legacy is also intertwined with that of America鈥檚 past and present culture of racial oppression. Learn more about听his biography听听and explore听questions that it raises听听about diversity and inclusion in the birding and conservation movements today.

New York City听探花精选 offers monthly tours of the Harlem murals. . You can also take a self-guided tour using听听or the Google map below. The 探花精选 Mural Project has also begun to spread its wings across the country鈥攁nd the world! Scroll down to see some of the bird murals that have been painted in other communities.

If you are an artist and would like to participate in the New York project, e-mail (Because we receive a large amount of submissions, not all e-mails can be answered.) Are you a teacher who has incorporated the mural project into your science or arts class? We'd like to know that, too! Email us at听

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